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Our apartment is a great place where to stay during your visit to Havana
Located in the heart of the city. The place is quiet, clean, fresh and well illuminate. You will be in contact with the real Cuba and their people.
The apartment have 2 bedrooms furnished with double beds, air conditioner and fans.
Non shared rent, the clients have access to entire apartment, can use a well equipped kitchen, 1 bathroom with hot and cold water
Also we have TV, music player, safety box. WIFI available with a prepaid ETECSA card
Located nearby to the most important communication ways or the city, with a 25 minutes walk along the Sea wall you can reach Old Havana, and in 5 minutes you are in Vedado and it´s night live
Prices between 25 to 50 CUC per night in concordance with season and how many rooms you will use
Discounts for long time rentals (more than 30 day)
Contact us: Mercedes Quintero
Mail: [email protected]
phone: 53 7 8798360
cell: 53 5 8381044
address : Hornos 105 apto 11 Marina y Vapor

Nombre: Mercedes o Jose
Teléfono: 53 78798360, 53 58381044

Id: 21649936

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