Translator: English or French To/From Spanish

Precio: 20 cuc
Fecha: Viernes, 19 de Julio del 2019, 01:37 PM
I am a buyer of Cuban collectibles and I am looking for a Spanish to English or Spanish to French translator for 1 to 3 days starting on October 10th, 2019.

I guarantee at least one day of work but no more than three days. I will know near the end of the first day if I will require a translator on the 2nd or 3rd day. The candidate must be available on those three days when applying. If you are currently employed and can easily get these three days off work (and speak English or French) then I suggest applying. If you are working 'on call' (like a tour guide) and won't know your schedule until the last minute then please refrain from applying.

The job consists of verbal translation only.

Must be available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Havana area.

$20.00 CUC per day + lunch.
All persons welcomed, any age.

Job Duties:
The job will consist of you and I meeting potential suppliers of goods usually in their homes. I will ask questions (in English or French, your choice) and you will translate to the supplier in Spanish. The potential supplier will response in Spanish and you will then verbally translate to me.

I speak English and French so it doesn't matter if you know English or French however you must be verbally conversationally fluent in one of these two languages.

Please send your c.v. If you do not send a c.v. then I will not respond.

Id: 30736477

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