Mobile App Developer wanted in Bdado (La Habana)

Fecha: Miércoles, 14 de Agosto del 2019, 09:07 AM
If you feel like fish in the water with mobile app development tools, if you cannot stop discussing about Android Studio, Java, Swift, Ionic, Flutter, Xcode or any other things that help you to build efficient mobile apps, then we want to hear about you. We are Bdado, we are
a team of software developers with passion for good code. We are looking for a developer of mobile apps with excellent team spirt and results oriented.
Beyond mobile app development tools, the successful candidate must domain English (verbal and written). He or she will be working in a work environment where English is the universal tool of communication. Yes! He or she can be you!
This offer is ONLY FOR A FULL TIME and on site position. We are NOT interested IN REMOTE WORK. If selected, as member of our team you will work at Bdado’s office here in La Habana. Here, we have guaranteed no less than 8 hours of internet for each day of work. Furthermore, you will have right to a monthly data plan of 2.5 GB in your phone.
Do you think you can be the chosen one for this position?
Fine! What are you waiting for? Send your CV IN ENGLISH to [email protected]
Nombre: Adrian

Id: 31155525

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