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  9. ----Software Services Company is searching for Java and Java Script developers with good English (B1)-

----Software Services Company is searching for Java and Java Script developers with good English (B1)-

La Habana
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Requirements for Java Script developers
• Good English skills
• At least 4 years of experience in professional JavaScript projects
• Knowledge of JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3
• Experience with modern front-end frameworks like Angular, React.js, Vue.js
• Knowledge Front-end design patterns – MVC, Patterns for asynchronous programming.

Good to have:
• Experience with accessibility, usability and interaction design
• Understanding of web performance, security, cross-browser compatibility.
• Knowledge of cloud product, web applications, and web services.

Requirements for Java developers
• Bachelor / Master in computer science or equivalent degree / experience
• Good command of English language (written and spoken)
• At least 3 years of experience in professional Java based software projects
• Experience in building applications either with: Java EE: EJB, JAX RS, JPA, JSP or Spring: Spring MVC, Spring Data Access, Spring Security

Proficiency in:
– Java ORM framework: Hibernate or EclipseLink or OpenJPA or MyBatis
– AppServers: WebSphere/Liberty or Jboss/Wildfly or Glassfish or TomEE or WebLogic; servlet containers: Tomcat, Jett

We will be expecting your CV in English and a short message why you want to apply for the job opening. Please, mention in the subject the position you are applying for, for example: “Application For Java Developer”

If you are interested in our open positions and want to know a little bit more Contact Us on: jobapplicationbg@gmail.com