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havana city tour

Where the modern thing and what's traditional hold hands
`` Habana City Tour in Vintage car”
Total Price (per car)
Hard Top Vintage Car (with AC) - 180 cuc
Convertible Vintage Car - 220 cuc

Group Size: Up to 4 people per car (for 5 or more people a second car will be needed)
What's included:
-Transportation in a classical convertible car with professional driver.
-Prived tour guide in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish

Pick Up/Time and place: Our driver and guide will be heading for the most comfortable place and time for you, you only should let us know where you wish to begin the tour, if you are staying in a hotel just let us know at what date and time you wish the driver pick you up.

Entrance Fees & Lunch or any other fees

Approximate avg cost:
Some attractions from 3 to 10 cuc per person
Lunch: 15-25 cuc per person

Be sure to bring
-Comfortable Clothing & Footwear
- Sunscreen
-Extra Cash (maybe you desire to buy souvenirs, rum, coffe, cigars….)

Itinerary: You are who decides the places to visit, you only must let know the tour guide which are those places of your preference that you wish to include to the itinerary to see Havana your way, but if you have nothing in mind then our guides will recommend you the itinerary in dependence of your desires
. Recommended itinerary : you will travel through the old and new Havana: the 5th Avenue, la Rampa street, the Malecón, the revolution square and the memorial José Martí, the National Hotel, The cemetery Christopher Columbus , the Metropolitan park, the Royal Force, El Morro Castle and La Cabaña Fortress , The Christ of Havana Statue, Walk on ancient streets of the Historic Center and the more ancient squares(San Francisco de Asís square – La Cathedral square – Old Square – Arms square). Visit the Museums and Art galleries. Furthermore, you will be able to be in contact with the local people, you can taste some of the best rums and cocktails of the world in la Bodeguita del Medio or in The Floridita Bars, you will know the Cuban reality told firsthand by our specialized guides, Enjoyment of a delicious lunch in a paladar. AlexCubaGuiding offers you the best of itself.
1-The Malecón: also known like the Portal of Havana and it is for all those who visit us the best image known of this city that looks at herself in the sea as if the sea were its best mirror.. it is 7 kilometers long from the Castle San Salvador de la punta until the Almendares river. Its wall is the place preferred for visitors and locals who find in this place a place of leisure
2- The National Hotel: Hotel insignia of Cuba where you can have a wonderful time, and taste the best rums and Cuban cocktails in the Hall of Fame, you can sit in the yard and the lookout and enjoy of excellent views of the sea and Havana. Walk its aisles, feel its majesty and beauty.

3-Revolution square: Know more of our history and the most important moments of our country and of the Cuban Revolution. You will have the opportunity to visit the memorial José Martí and the lookout on the top of the tower, the highest place of the city, if you like take pictures don`t forget to bring your camera,

4-The cemetery Christopher Columbus: Enjoy the great number of sculptural and architectonic works that in its 57 hectares can be found. This necropolis is considered like the third of worldwide importance. Constructed between 1871 and 1886. Visit the tomb of The Miraculous woman which is the most visited in the cemetery. Know about its stories and legends
8-University of Havana. It is the most ancient students' union of Cuba and it is related to important historic events like the foundation of the FEU and the student fights. Counts with the Central Library and the museum of Natural History.

6-The Arms square and its surroundings: Visit our city's foundational place, Walk on the wooden street and discover its history, Visit some of the museums that around this important square are, know the exciting history of the Giraldilla told firsthand by our specialized guide, Visit the first fortress constructed for the Spanish in Havana (La Real Fuerza), The palaces of the Capitanes Generales and the Segundo Cabo, the house of the Condes de Santovenia, The Public Library, The Museum of Natural History and other places of concern.
7-San Francisco de Asis square and its surroundings: also known like square of the Lions and of the Doves, In its surroundings you can enjoy excellent sights of constructions of the epoch like the Lonja del Comercio, Diana de Gales Garden, Convent of San Francisco de Asís, Fountain of the Lions, Greek Orthodox Church, Rum Museum Havana Club, Theater of the Orden Tercera and other. Do not miss the opportunity to know the legend of Love of a Bell Ringer who precipitated itself from above the bell tower.
8-The Old square (Plaza Vieja) and its surroundings: Ancient square known in the past New Plaza, it was the third built in the old Havana. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable experience of seeing playing and running behind the doves the children. visit The dark Chamberand its lookout, the factory of Maltas and Beers, the Photograph library of Cuba, the palace of the Conde de Jaruco, the Naipes's Museum, El Planetario, El Aqvarium and other.
9-The Cathedral square and its surroundings: it was known in the past like the swamp square and square of the turtles, Today it is a frequently visited place because of the architectonic jewels that surround it like: The beautiful and magnificent Cathedral of Havana, the very famous Bodeguita del medio where you can enjoy a nice mojito, the Restaurant El Patio, El Taller de Gráfica, El callejón del Chorro, The Colonial art gallery, El Palacio Lombillo, the Seminary San Carlos y San Ambrosio.
10-The Paseo del Prado and its surroundings: Through this important artery of Havana we can find many places of indubitable beauty and importance in our country like El Capitolio de La Habana, el Gran Teatro de la Habana, the Hotel Inglaterra, the Central Park, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the fontain of the Indian Havana, the Parque de la Fraternidad, the Bar El Floridita, the building Bacardi, Museum of the Revolution, Memorial Granma, Castle San salvador de la Punta, Malecón Habanero, Chinatown …. And more
11-Castle of the Morro: It was a part of the defensive system of Havana, built between 1589 y 1630. inside you can find rooms that function as galleries and in its ancient batteries are placed the restaurants Los Doce Apóstoles y La Divina Pastora. from the exteriors there are excellent views of the city of Havana. Here you can visit the lighthouse tower and the ancient Cannons.
12-the Jesus Christ statue: it is found in the entrance of the bay of Havana. work of the cuban sculptress Gylma Madera, it was made in Italy and Brought in pieces to Cuba. Here you will have beautiful views of the city. Visit this place and know the history of its consruction and the legend that behind it can be found.

13-Fortress San Carlos de la Cabaña: built between 1763 y 1774 to defend the city from the attacks. This place is nowadays the stage of one of the traditional ceremonies of the city ``EL CAÑONASO DE LAS NUEVE`` Where every night hundreds of people meet. it is a little city in itself where also there are se encuentran historic exhibition halls, lookouts, shops and coffe bars. It is besides the seat of the book fair and the craft fair. Here is where you can se the biggest cigar in the world.

14-Heminway`s life tour: in this tour you will visit his house Finca Vigia and those places that Ernest Heminway used to visit like el Foridita Bar, Hotel Ambos Mundos where he lived until buying Finca Vigia, Cojimar town where he had his ship and best friends, the restaurant Las Terrazas also in Cojimar where you can still see the table where he used to sit. Drink his prefered cocktail “el Daiquiri”.

15-Fusternlandia`s tour: visit to Fusterlandia town where Jose Fuster made of his neighbourhood a place for the art, visit the callejon de hammel, El Paseo del Prado, Art Galleries, The National Cuban Arts Museum.
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